Solutions - Brothers Media Group
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Menu Boards

Transform the one item every customer will see from a basic price list to a powerful selling tool. Digital menu boards allow you to share your brand and your product while generating right-on-time upsells as your guest is ready to buy.

    • Differentiate your brand and your facility with an immersive customer experience
    • Quickly and easily update pricing changes and add or remove seasonal items and special products
    • Drive upsize and add-on sales and dramatically increase the average transaction price of your orders

Video Walls

Energize your facility with larger-than-life visual delivery of your most important messaging, current specials and content that expresses the personality of your brand on a stunning feature sure to command attention.

    • Create a powerful customer experience and magnify your messaging
    • Maximize reach and marketing potential of open space in your facility’s design
    • Available in up to a 16-screen and LED configurations for maximum impact


Maximize the value of customer dwell time with curated entertainment and educational content while eliminating competitor ads and objectionable television programming.

    • Anticipated commercial breaks in entertainment content present opportunities for customized upsell/cross-sell advertising
    • Animated side banners enable specialized promotion and communication
    • Live TV can be played in the video zone for events of local interest like breaking news, weather or sports

Digital Signage

In today’s connected world, static posters, banners and point-of-purchase material don’t even draw the customer’s eye. Bright, animated digital signage reaches the consumer achieving maximum impact and compelling them to buy.

    • Immerse the customer in your brand, build loyalty and maximize the value of their visit
    • Share your current deals, generate upsells and cross-sells and influence in-store customer behavior like signing up for your credit card or rewards program
    • Quickly and agilely refresh by season or event and eliminate the cost and effort associated with replacing static marketing materials